September 2011

First publishing contract & debut

In autumn 2011 Alec signed his first publishing contract. The book, for which Alec no longer advertises for various reasons, was published in January of the following year.

June 2012 / October 2012

HomoLittera & People Always Leave

In summer 2012 Alec offered his second work to the publishing house HomoLittera, which published it a few months later as a print version & e-book.

January 2013

X-Scandal Books

Already in 2006 Alec had been thinking of founding his own small publishing house for his books featuring homosexual characters. X-Scandal Books was launched at the beginning of 2013. By the end of 2017, Alec has sold more than 27,000 e-books & books sold in the gay genre alone.

February 2013

Breakaway: Feelings cannot be denied

The novel for young people, which deals with Alec's schooldays and his first great love, was published and, like its predecessor, reached number 1 in the sales charts on Amazon in the category ‘gay and lesbian’ and ‘drama’.

August 2013

Criminal: Lucy´s wet mess

Alec's fourth novel was published under the title "Criminal." He dedicated the book to actor Paul Wesley.

November 2013

Jeremy: Before The Goodbye

Together with Andrew Summers, Alec wrote the love story "Vor dem Abschied", which was later renamed "Jeremy". The story was written in remembrance of his grandfather, who died in 2015.

December 2013


Again Alec worked together with Andrew. The book "GayRomeo" shows how things really work in the virtual world of the gays: contact somebody, meet him fuck him - only that in this story the "leaving" was replaced "staying" and Sam finds the love of his life in Zac.

February 2014

Fantasy: The Man Of My Dreams

In memory of his days as a seller of toys Alec wrote the love story

October 2014

Trip To Your Heart

Alecs officially fifth novel appeared under the title "Trip To Your Heart - Der Weg zu deinem Herzen." He dedicated the book to actor Jean-Luc Bilodeau.

October 2014

Sweet Hazel Eyes

The short story "Sweet Hazel Eyes" was published in the anthology "SommerGayFlüster."

December 2014


"Last-Minute-Action" is how Alec describes his fifth novel, which he wrote within 10 days and dedicated to actor Daniel Gillies. A satirical romance novel with crazy characters.

June, July & December 2015


Together with Nathaniel, Alec wrote the story "Three." Further volumes are planned. Whether and when these will appear, however, has not yet been determined.

June 2017

Chaos: The Brotherstory

The first part of "Chaos - The Brotherstory" was published in Germany. 

July 2017

Make Me ... Uuh!

The sex scenes that had been removed from the novel "Chaos" appeared in an extra volume as an e-book.

October 2018

Oliver: Get Naked

"Oliver" was the first Book from "Bad Boys."

Februar 2020


The second part of "Chaos" will be published in Germany.

December 2020


"Craving" was the last Gay-Book from
Alec Xander in 2020.


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