The hardest thing about saying goodbye is that you have to do it all over again. Every day we are confronted with the same truth anew: Life is fleeting, time much too short.

John travels to the Baltic Sea with his grandparents during the autumn holidays. There they want to do some fishing together aboard a small boat. The fact that John hates sea food, he keeps to himself out of love for his grandfather. They stay in a small hotel, and John experiences the same thing every day. After a few days he asks to stay in the hotel. His grandfather is anything but enthusiastic, but he allows it. And when John thinks it could not get any more boring, he meets charming Jeremy. 

Facts & Data:

- First Publication: November 2013
- Proofreading: L. Franke
- Price: 3,99 Euro (E-Book) / 12,90 Euro (Book)







Love / Feelings


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