Der Mann meiner Träume

At this moment, about 7.2 billion people are living on Earth. Some of them are scared and run away. Some return home and others lie to make it through the day. Others face the truth and some are evil, at war with the good. 7 billion of souls in the world, and sometimes you only need a single one.

Lindsey takes up a part-time job in a toy store and gets along well with his new colleagues right away. This does not suit his best friend Diana, because she wants Lindsey all to herself. Lindsey learns what friendship really means and has a crush on three men at the same time. But which one of them is gay? The nice boss with the constant grin on his face? Or Mikel who always smells so amazingly? Or maybe it is Daniel who might be interested in him. Lindsey is torn and he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going.

FANTASY: Der Mann meiner Träume

"The writing style is fluent and the book easy to read. Main character Lindsey, in his somewhat dreamy way is depicted incredibly likeable so that you just want to take him in your arms and thus continue reading page by page. The erotic scenes were described in great detail without sliding too much, although I had to get used to the choice of words. A great love story with very likeable characters that captivates the reader."

(Reader on Lovelybooks)

Facts & Data

- Written: January 2014 
- First Publication: February 2014
- Adult Edition: May 2014
- Dedicated: Michael Trevino
- Proofreading: L. Franke
- Pages: 204
- Price: 13,90 Euro (Book) / 4,99 Euro (E-Book)









Emotions / Love



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