Sexy, cheeky, insatiable and addicted to shoes.

Lucy Hoffmann's life could not be crazier.
She is greedy for sex and even manages to seduce her best friend, who actually likes guys. To get her dream apartment, she winds broker Mikel round her little finger and he immediately falls in love with her. But Lucy is not interested in a relationship, she wants to have her fling and make men happy. After much consideration whether she should follow her best friend, who works as an escort, she successfully applies for a job in a brothel. Lucy meets women, one crazier than the other. She has wild nights with paying customers and funny adventures with her friends. Her life seems perfect until her indecent lifestyle leads her straight into a big mess. Suddenly Lucy is confronted with things she would never have thought possible. 

CRIMINAL: Lucys nasses Schlamassel

"At least one parent of the author must come from England I thought when I read the book. ..., it is written in such a light, casual style I would have liked to have read a few hundred pages more... I laughed, and I came up against topics that at least set me thinking. It's also interesting how Alec knows how to promote his own previous book in such a humorously serious novel. I don't know that from any other authors….interesting."

(Reviewer on askDavid)

Facts & Data

- Written: Summer 2013
- First Publication: September 2013
- Proofreading: Astrid Pfister & L. Franke
- Dedicated: Paul Wesley
- Proofreading(Re-Release): Michael von Sehlen
- Pages: 266
- Price: 13,90 Euro (Buch) / 3,99 Euro (E-Book)









Emotions / Love



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