It's crazy that someone asks me for an autograph every now and then. I mean, I collect autographs myself... :-)

This cards are for free!
I will dedicate this Autograph only for you. :-)


To get an autograph, please send a stamped self-addressed envelope to the adresse that I will give you:

If you would like to have a book signed, please send it to this address as well and don't forget the stamped self-addressed envelope (preferably air-cushioned). The postage costs in Gernmany are according to the post office:

Book shipment (Germany): 1.00 euro 
Book shipment (abroad): 3.70 euros (Priority) Autograph (Germany): 0.85 euros
Autograph (abroad): 1.50 euros

Letters (postal items) should also be sent to the above address.
If you want to send me an e-mail, of course you can do this as well.

However, I prefer handwritten letters. :-)

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